Learn about footage frame rate interpretation settings.

What you learned: Working with mixed frame rate footage

  • You can combine clips with different frame rates in sequences. Use clip interpretation options to change clip playback speed.

Clips added to a sequence are conformed

When you add a clip to a sequence with a mismatched frame rate, its frame rate is adjusted automatically to match the sequence, while maintaining playback speed.

View original frame rates and frame sizes in the Source Monitor

  • Open a clip in the Source Monitor to view the original frame rate and frame size.

Choose any clip playback frame rate

You can choose any clip playback frame rate. This doesn’t change the original media file but does change clip playback speed.

Use clip interpretation options to change playback speed

  • To choose a new playback frame rate, right-click on a clip and choose Modify > Interpret footage.

Change clip playback speed in a sequence

  • Change the playback speed of a clip edited into a sequence by right-clicking on the clip and choosing Speed / Duration.

Tip: Video clips are really a series of frames, playing one after another. You can play back at any speed. Match the recording speed to the playback speed for natural movement in a shot.


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Original Media: “The Ancestor Simulation,” directed by Maxim Jago

Presenter: Maxim Jago