You can create a beautiful website marquee without an expensive video shoot using cinematic Adobe Stock video.

Find a video

Search Adobe Stock for the perfect video clip.

Send directly to Adobe Premiere Pro

You can license the file and open in Premiere Pro right from the Adobe Stock webpage.

Color to match your site

In Premiere Pro, add the clip to a new sequence.

Next, select Window > Workspace > Color to bring up the color correction workspace.

You’ll see your Lumetri window on screen right where you can color correct and balance your selected clip to match the overall feel of your website.

Or, use Lumetri’s film looks in the Creative tab to find a muted palette perfected for a marquee video.

Crop and export

Select File > Export > Media… to prep your clip for export.

In your export window, click on the Source tab, and then the crop icon to crop your clip to your marquee’s height.

In the Output tab, be sure that your height and width match your crop settings so your export isn’t letterboxed.

Next, in the export window, under Format, choose H.264 and under Preset VimeoHD or YouTube 1080p Full HD.

Click on the output name string of text to choose a destination folder for your video.

Place it on your site

Add the video as a looping marquee to your website.

The final result

Your site is now more engaging without the cost of an additional video shoot.

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.

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