Making your website more engaging is easy. With Adobe Stock and Premiere Pro you can create beautiful video backgrounds for your website.

Find on-brand video clips

Search Adobe Stock for the perfect video clips and add selections to your library so you can compare your favorites online and then easily import them from the libraries panel in all your Adobe software.

In Premiere’s Editing workspace, select Window > Libraries to reveal your selections.

In your Library pane, use the drop-down selection to choose the custom library you created for this project. In this case, Adventure Travel.

Select the files you’d like to import, right-click and choose Add to project.

Edit a short sequence

In Adobe Premiere Pro, edit a short sequence with your new Adobe Stock content.

Color-correct and grade

Select Window > Workspace > Color to bring up the color-correction workspace.

You’ll see your Lumetri window on screen right where you can color-correct and balance each clip to match the overall feel of your project.

Feel free to use the creative tab to add one of Lumetri’s built-in creative looks.

Finally, add an adjustment layer over on video track 2, and use your Lumetri controls to lower the contrast, fade down the black levels, or add a film fade to make this video more suitable for a website background.

Add text

Select Window > Workspace > Graphics to bring up the Essential Graphics workspace.

You’ll see your Essential Graphics window on screen right where you can Browse and Edit pre-existing graphic templates or create your own.

In the Browse tab, click on Adobe Stock at the top, and search for the keyword “title”. Check the FREE box to limit your search results to free templates on Adobe Stock

Find a title that you like, and click on the cloud icon in the lower right to license it (for free if you filtered for free templates) and download it to your project.

Click over to the Edit tab on the Essential Graphics pane and edit your title text.

Export for web

Select File > Export > Media… to prep your sequence for export.

In the export window, under Format, choose H.264 and under Preset VimeoHD or YouTube 1080p Full HD.

Click on the output name string of text to choose a destination folder for your video.

The final result

Add the video to your website. You now have beautiful video on your site that creates a more engaging user experience without the production costs.

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.

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