Unlock Personalization with Experience Targeting

What is Experience Targeting (XT)?

Experience Targeting (XT) delivers content to a specific audience based on a set of marketer-defined rules and criteria.

Experience Targeting, including geotargeting, is valuable for defining rules that target a specific experience or content to a particular audience. Several rules can be defined in an activity to deliver different content variations to different audiences.

When visitors view your site, Experience Targeting (XT) evaluates them to determine whether they meet the criteria you set. If they meet the criteria, they enter the activity and the experience designed for qualifying audiences is displayed. You can create experiences for multiple audiences within a single activity.


How XT can unlock personalization?

Why should I use it? It is a way to target specific content to a specific audience based on a set of defined allocation rules.
When should I use it?

When you need to deliver a specific experience or piece of content to a specific audience.

Statstical details The method defines rules that target either a specific experience or a specific piece of content to a specific audience. User can make updates at the experience level.

With Experience Targeting, you can quickly act on insights deduced from any activity results.

For example, if you ran an A/B test where the challenger did not outperform the control, but the results indicate that a very specific segment of visitors actually converted 4x more with the challenger than they did with the control, then you can use Experience Targeting to direct the challenger Experience to that particular segment.

Control experiences as visitor profiles evolve

With Experience Targeting, you can control which experience visitors see as their profiles evolve. The following list presents just a few scenarios in which visitors' profiles can evolve and you might want to present different content:

Scenario Details

Geographic Location

As visitors travel for business or pleasure, they might view your website or mobile app from different geographic locations.

Customer Status

Visitors might be considered prospects before creating an account or purchasing a product.

Category Affinity

The category affinity feature in Target automatically captures the categories users visit and then calculates the users' affinity for the category for targeting purposes. For example, visitors who viewed several articles on your website about a particular subject could be presented with content related to that subject.

Day of Week

As the weekend approaches, you might want to show visitors content about movies, dining, or other forms of entertainment.