Draw an icon from a simple shape, and then make it a symbol so you can update it easily throughout your design in Adobe XD.

Draw a map pin from two concentric circles and use a Boolean operator to create a punched-out effect. Convert the shape to a path by holding Control (or command) as you click the outer circle. Then, double-click to see the anchor points. Pull down on the bottom anchor point and double-click to convert it from a curved path to an angled one. Finally, style the icon with a Fill color and Shadow.


Convert your map pin to a symbol to use throughout your design. Click the icon, and then click + next to Symbols in the Assets panel. Double-click the label and rename it to make it easier to find later. Place the new icon as many times as you need to throughout your design.


Once your icon is a symbol, experiment with color and style. Change the appearance of one symbol and see how it affects your overall design.


Here’s the map pin style we liked for this app design.


Now you can create app icons using a few basic shapes and symbols.


Adobe Stock contributor: ty