Learn how to design a landing page in Adobe XD and leverage assets from Adobe Photoshop. Start by quickly creating a wireframe in XD and see how simple it is to include and edit content from Photoshop within XD. Then once it’s ready for review, you can easily share the design to get instant feedback.

Create a wireframe of a landing page

What you learned:

  • XD is built uniquely for the UX design process including wireframing, low-fidelity, and high-fidelity designs. Leverage the speed and flexibility of XD for your initial wireframes. You can also start your project with free XD UI kits.

Transform your mockup from wireframes into a high-fidelity design

What you learned:

  • Integrating designs from Photoshop in XD to do faster design edits.
  • Using CC Libraries to incorporate assets from Photoshop into XD. Changes made in Photoshop carry into your designs in XD.
  • Updating colors and symbols across your document with the Assets Panel.
  • Replicating design elements like photos as many times as you want with Repeat Grid.
  • Increasing the fidelity of your design by fixing elements like navigation bars so that they stay in place as you scroll through your design. Previewing the design in XD to check the page experience.

Share your prototypes and get instant feedback

What you learned:

  • Learn how to use “Responsive Resize” feature in XD to scale your design for different sizes.
  • Get instant feedback by publishing prototype and sharing it with stakeholders. Collect feedback in one place, resolve the feedback and update the same link.

Presenter: Howard Pinsky