Print your web or app design or share it with stakeholders for offline reviews by exporting your design to PDF from Adobe XD. You can also export individual vector assets to PDF when developing for iOS or macOS devices.

Access the Export feature by choosing Export from the hamburger menu on Windows or File > Export on macOS. Then choose to export all of the artboards in your design or selected ones.


Choose PDF as the format to use for export, and then indicate whether you’d like to export the artboards to a single PDF file or multiple files. Select the appropriate folder on your computer in which to save the file(s). When you export to multiple files, XD generates a separate file for each artboard and uses the artboard name as the file name. Click the Options button, at the bottom of the Export dialog box, if you don’t see the Format or Save as options.


Export individual vector assets, such as icons, to PDF to hand off to developers for use when developing iOS and macOS apps. In the example below, we selected some icons and chose to export the selected assets as multiple PDF files. Be sure to group the elements of each icon before you export; otherwise, the individual shapes and paths will be exported separately.


Open the exported PDF files in an Adobe Acrobat app, available for any device, to print or preview your exported designs.


Now you can share selected assets, artboards, or your entire design when you export to PDF.

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Adobe Stock contributor: ArtRoms