Troubleshooting instructions to resolve issue when you can't create or save cloud documents in XD.


You may encounter the following issues or errors when working with Cloud Documents in Adobe XD:

  • Unable to create or save a cloud document, open a document that has been shared with you, or share a document with another user.
  • The home screen shows an empty list of recent documents, or a Something went wrong message appears.
  • A dialog with Cloud documents is not available or error code 49, 50, 3623, 3624, 3626, 3634, 3635, or 3636 is displayed.

Root cause

The root cause can be any one of the following:

  • Creative Cloud Sync requires an update or is not running correctly.
  • You cannot open or save the cloud files.


  1. Update Creative Cloud sync if outdated.

  2. Uninstall XD, Creative Cloud sync, and Creative Cloud Desktop App using CC cleaner tool. Reboot the machine, re-install XD and Creative Cloud Desktop App.

  3. Create a new local admin user account on machine.

  1. Quit Adobe XD. 

  2. Open Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.

    On Windows: 

    • Open your Start menu.
    • Click Adobe Creative Cloud to launch. 
    Launch Adobe Creative Cloud
    Launch Adobe Creative Cloud

    On macOS:

    • In Applications, go to Adobe Creative Cloud folder.

    • Launch Adobe Creative Cloud.
    Launch Adobe Creative Cloud in macOS
    Launch Adobe Creative Cloud in macOS
  3. Click Proceed to execute any pending updates.

    Click Proceed to execute pending updates
    Click Proceed to execute pending updates
  4. When the update is complete, navigate to Preferences > Creative Cloud > Files to verify that the Creative Cloud Sync version is or later.

    Click preferences
    Click preferences
    Click File
    Click File
  5. Follow these steps if the update was completed but version does not indicate the required version:

    • Click the profile image and select Sign out.

    • Click the three dots next to Profile image > Quit.

    • Relaunch Adobe Creative Cloud application.

    • Sign back in using your Adobe ID.

    • Verify Creative Cloud Sync version.

  6. Follow these steps to verify that Adobe Creative Cloud preferences are enabled:

    1. Click the three dots next to profile image.

    2. Select Preferences.

    3. In General tab, ensure that you keep this option: Always keep Creative Cloud desktop up to date checked. 
    Keep Creative Cloud app up to date
    Keep Creative Cloud app up to date
  7. Relaunch XD or go to the next step to update Creative Cloud. 

  8. Follow these steps to execute the Creative Cloud Update:

    • Restart your machine and launch Adobe Creative Cloud desktop.

    • If update banner is still not available:
      • Click the three dots next to Profile image.
      • Select Check for App Updates.
      • Wait for the update to complete.
    Check for app updates
    Check for app updates

For more information, see Known issues.

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