Learn about new features and enhancements in the February 2020 release of Character Animator (version 3.2)

Keyframe time stretching

Expand or compress a group of keyframes to retime an animation while retaining their relative times.


Improved replays

Search bar in the properties panel now works for replays. Replays without triggers assigned to them appear in orange.


Handles related updates

Missing behaviors automatically added while using Pin, Dragger, or Dangle to create a new handle.


New keyboard shortcuts

New shortcuts related to keyframes and zooming. 

Keyframe time stretching

You can now expand or compress a group of keyframes to retime an animation while retaining their relative times.

For more information, see Keyframe time stretching.

Replays related improvements

This release of Character Animator introduces the following updates related to replays:

  • You can use the search filter in the Properties panel to search for replays.
  • Replays that are not assigned to a trigger now appear in orange.

To learn more about replays, see Replays: Reusable and triggerable recordings.

Automatic addition of corresponding behavior for handles

If you use the Pin, Dragger, or Dangle tool to create a new handle and the puppet doesn’t have the required behavior (Handle Fixer, Dragger, Physics), it’ll be added for you automatically.

For more information, see Layer handles.

New keyboard shortcuts

This release introduces the following new keyboard shortcuts:

  • Keyframe time stretching
  • Zoom the scene or puppet to fit within the viewable area of the Scene or Puppet panel
  • Zoom to fit shortcut for zooming the selection in the Timeline panel

For the complete list of shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts for Character Animator.

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