Share to Social Learning

Learn how to use Social bookmark-let to instantly share a user's online learnings onto the social web.

Share to social learning is a bookmarklet that allows learners to share their online learnings like web pages and blogs with their peers. This feature is supported only on desktop browsers.

On clicking this bookmarklet from the bookmark bar, it opens as a pop-up window with or within the web page depending on the browser that is to be shared.

Share to social window
Share to social window


Ensure that you allow pop-up windows in your browser. 


If you are logged into Captivate Prime, then the bookmarklet automatically logs into your account, otherwise, you have to sign in using your Captivate Prime credentials as a learner.

Add a description for your post and then select the board in which you want to post to and click Post. The board is posted on your dashboard which can be viewed by clicking Go to Post. 

Add share to social bookmark-let to the bookmarks bar

To add this bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar on your browser, do the following:

  1. Ensure that the bookmarks tab is enabled in the browser. 

  2. Log in to Captivate Prime as a learner. 

  3. Click Social Learning from the left navigation panel. If it is not visible, then contact your administrator. 

  4. Drag the Share to Social icon to the bookmarks bar in your browser.


    Drag-and-drop does not work on few browsers like Chrome in Mac and  Microsoft Edge on Windows. For more information, click here.

    Drag bookmark-let to bookmarks bar
    Drag bookmark-let to bookmarks bar

Enabling the bookmarks bar on different browsers


  • Click the main menu button, represented by three dots located in the upper right corner of the browser window.
  • Select Settings, from the drop-down menu. The settings screen can also be accessed by entering chrome://settings into the browsers address bar.
  • Locate the Appearance section, which contains an option labeled show the bookmarks bar accompanied by a check box. To ensure that the bookmarks bar is always displayed when you load a page, check the check box by clicking it once. To disable this feature, simply  remove the check mark.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the menu button and select customize.
  • Click the Toolbars drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen and choose Bookmarks toolbar.
  • Click done. 

Internet Explorer

  • Right click the settings icon from the upper right corner of the browser. Or use Alt + C on keyboard for favorites bar window to open.
  • To make the favorites bar visible on the browser, click Favorites bar

Microsoft Edge

  • Click the main menu button represented by three dots from the upper right corner > Settings > Favorites bar.
  • To enable the favorites bar, click the on/off switch.


  • Click View menu > Show Favorites bar. (Keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + B)

How to manually add bookmark-lets to the bookmarks bar on different browsers

To manually add bookmark-lets to the bookmarks bar, right-click the Share to Social icon > Copy link address, and follow the below procedure:

Chrome in Mac OS

  1. Click the collapsed menu icon from your browser >  Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager.

  2. Click Bookmarks menu  options > Add new bookmark.

  3. Two input fields in the pop-up dialog appear. Type a name of your choice for the bookmark like Share to Social in the first field.

  4. Paste the Share to social link address in the second field.

Microsoft Edge in Windows

  1. Ensure that your favorites bar is visible. Right click the favorites bar > Create new folder.

  2.  To add the URL to your favorites bar folder you like, click the Bookmarks hub icon > Bookmarks icon

  3. Save any online page to the folder and rename it to Share to Social.

  4. Select the bookmarks hub icon  > Share to Social > Edit URL.

  5. Paste the link address and click the enter button.

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