Use a 3D Stock asset in Adobe Dimension

Learn how to search, download, and license royalty-free 3D assets from Adobe Stock to add to your Adobe Dimension project.

Adobe Stock offers thousands of 3D models, materials, and lights that are optimized for Adobe Dimension. Learn how to search, license, and add a 3D asset or model to your Dimension project.

Search a 3D asset

To look for the right 3D asset, you can search in the Adobe Stock website or in Dimension.

In Dimension, you have two options to search for 3D assets - in the Starter Assets panel or Creative Cloud Libraries panel.

Search in the Starter Assets panel

When you open Dimension, you can find the Starter Assets panel at the left side of the screen. At the top of this panel, you can enter a keyword or term to begin your search in Search Assets. After you've entered your search query, you can view related results from the pool of free starter assets in Dimension. To view more options, click Browse Adobe Stock. This redirects you to the collection of free and paid 3D assets on the Adobe Stock website.

Search in the Creative Cloud Libraries panel

The Creative Cloud Libraries panel allows you to browse free and paid 3D assets on Adobe Stock within Dimension. To open this panel, click the arrow at the upper-right side of the Creative Cloud Libraries panel. Once the Libraries panel is open, enter your keyword or search term in the Search Adobe Stock field.

If you prefer to limit your search to just models, you can select the Model field. If you do not view the desired asset in this list, click See more results on the web to view the Adobe Stock website. Your search word or term is carried over to the website where more results can be viewed.

Creative Cloud Libraries

License a 3D asset

License an asset within Dimension

Once you have found your preferred model to work with, you can license the asset directly from Dimension. To do this, ensure that you have the appropriate credit pack or subscription plan in your account. For more information on licensing plans, the Stock plans page and FAQ | Plans, purchasing, and availability.

To license the model, click the cart icon at the upper-left corner of the asset preview. You can then view a dialog box where you are prompted to confirm the purchase. Click OK to start the download of the asset. A blue tick appears at the upper-right corner of the asset preview when your model is licensed.

License an asset on Adobe Stock website

In the Adobe Stock website, select your model and click the shopping cart icon next to License & Save to Computer in the details panel. This begins the licensing process for the model. Once it is complete, you can download this asset directly to your desktop by clicking the Cloud icon. You can also select the arrow at the right side of Save to Computer and choose to save the model to your Creative Cloud Library or directly to your desktop.

Add a 3D asset to a Dimension project

If you licensed a model directly from Dimension or added the model to your Creative Cloud Libraries from Adobe Stock, you can drag and drop the asset from the Creative Cloud Libraries panel into your canvas. If you had downloaded the file directly to your desktop, drag-and-drop the model’s OBJ file from your desktop into the Dimension canvas.

You can then customize your 3D model with a decal, a new material, or add background photos, lights, and more. To know more about what you can do with Adobe Dimension, see the Dimension product page.


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