Finnish Trust Network (FTN)

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The Finnish Trust Network (FTN) is an aggregator of digital identities (digital IDs) issued to Finnish citizens and organizations by Finance Finland (Finanssiala), a group of Finnish banks, and Mobiilivarmenne, a group of Finnish mobile telecom operators. Signers can use their FTN credentials to authenticate their identity and apply an e-signature via the Digital Identity Gateway or a remote digital signature (cloud signature) in Adobe Acrobat Sign.  Both services are provided by Intesi Group.

The following signature type is achieved when signing with the FTN service:

  • Advanced electronic signature (AES) compliant with the eIDAS Regulation

When using FTN to apply a cloud signature in Acrobat Sign, a digital certificate is issued by Intesi Group based on the signer’s identity authenticated by the FTN service. These details are captured in the document audit report. To learn more about purchasing this service directly from Adobe, please contact your sales or customer success representative.

For admins

If using FTN to apply a remote digital signature (cloud signature), please review the documentation on Configure cloud signature providers for more information on how to configure a Restricted Identity Provider.

If using FTN to apply a verified e-signature using the Digital Identity Gateway, please review the Digital Identity Gateway documentation for more information on how to set up a digital identity provider for use with Acrobat Sign in your organization.


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