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While the default configuration settings are appropriated for typical use cases, some situations may require you to make changes.

The following advanced configuration settings apply to the integration of AEM 3D for both Maya and non-Maya deployments.


If you re-install the package, it resets all settings to their default values.


Editing any settings that are not listed in the table below may result in unexpected or undesired program behavior.

All settings are accessed using CRXDE Lite in AEM (Tools > General > CRXDE Lite).

Path Description  


The path and name to the ImageMagick convert utility. An absolute path is required if animated thumbnails creation is enabled.  
/apps/cq-scene7-v3D/config/Paths/mayaWorkPath The name and location of the working folder for Maya conversion and rendering. The folder is created automatically if it does not exist.  
/apps/cq-scene7-v3D/config/settings/addGroundPlaneImage Enables generation of an ambient occlusion drop shadow when viewing or rendering using an IBL stage. Applies to Preview and Rendering with RapidRefine  


Set to false to keep temporary files in the MayaWork folder after conversion and rendering. May be useful when debugging issues with Maya conversion and rendering.  
/apps/cq-scene7-v3D/config/settings/debugNative Set to true to enable creation of debug information during format conversion and rendering with the RapidRefine renderer.  
/apps/cq-scene7-v3D/config/settings/dynamicIBL When set to true and pre-generated light maps are not available (that is invokeLightMapsOnIngest=false), the Rapid Refine renderer creates light maps during rendering to improve render quality. This setting can substantially increase render time. Setting to false minimizes CPU usage in such situations but usually results in a lower render quality.    

When set to false, objects are moved vertically, if necessary, to ensure that all parts of the object are above y=0.

When set to true (default), objects are not repositioned and may be partially hidden by a stage's ground plane. However, it does not affect rendering with Maya. When set to false, the vertical position of objects in Maya may be different than in preview.


When enabled, ImageMagick is installed on the server and magickPath is configured. Rapid Refine is used to create a simple animation for 3D objects that are used as a thumbnail in Card View and other views.

Creating animations consumes significant CPU resources during the ingestion process.

/apps/cq-scene7-v3D/config/settings/invokeLightMapsOnIngest Enables the automatic creation of light maps on ingestion. Set to false to disable automatic light map creation; this can significantly reduce CPU consumption at the cost of reduced quality for preview and rendering with Rapid Refine. Does not affect rendering with Maya.