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Release Information

Product Adobe Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal
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Adobe Experience Manager Assets - Brand Portal is a cloud-based SAAS offering that is available as an add-on to Adobe Experience Manager Assets (on-premise or managed service).

With Brand Portal, customers can easily distribute approved brand assets, logos, campaigns, and product assets to external agencies, partners, and internal teams in a secure way across devices.

Brand Portal is a browser-based portal environment that allows users to browse, search, preview, download, and export assets in corporate-approved formats —anytime, anywhere.

What's New in

New Features

Brand Portal includes following new features:

  • User Groups: Groups can be used for bulk operations, such as sharing folders/collections or links to multiple users simultaneously
  • User Roles: OOTB roles can be assigned to users and groups for better access control. New Editor and Viewer roles to better meet customer needs. An intuitive administrator interface to manage user roles efficiently


Brand Portal includes following enhancements:

  • Large files (size > 1GB) can be published to Brand Portal
  • Support for non-ASCII characters in Link shares

Product Changes

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • Name of items in the View all my shares page are incorrect
  • Tags search does not work in Brand Portal
  • Installing the hotfix for Brand Portal erases branding changes
  • Link sharing returns a UI error. The user picker doesn't load user details when the user retries
  • Incorrect permitted user capacity displayed in Usage reports
  • Requirement to fix "enabled" field on the Brand Portal cloudservice configuration UI
  • Breadcrumbs do not work on mediaportal.html
  • Collection listing fails when a smart collection with custom tags is published from AEM to Brand Portal
  • Custom tags with spaces are not visible in UI
  • Breadcrumbs that exceed a particular number not displayed correctly

Critical Changes

Before using the system, consider the following recommendations:

  • For administrator priviledges, assign Product Administrator rights to a user. Avoid using priviledges, such as Product Configuration Administrator and System Administrator.
  • If you are currently using Product Configuration Administrator role in your system, change it to Product Administrator role. For details, see Providing product administrator rights to users.
  • After you upgrade to Brand Portal, all existing non-administrator users are assigned the role of Viewer, by default. As a result, they will not have permissions to use the Link Sharing capability. To provide access to this capability, change their role to Editor from User roles interface in Tools section.

Known Issues

Please contact support for more information about the following known issues:

  • Request for increasing the speed with which assets can be published to and downloaded from Brand Portal.
  • The User Role page does not provide the option to search users by name or email id.
  • Folder thumbnails appear blank on Brand Portal after they are published from AEM Assets.
  • When an asset/folder is removed from Brand Portal, no notification is sent to the Brand Portal administrator or users who had access to the folder.

What's Included in AEM Assets Brand Portal

Adobe Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal lets customers:

  • Share folders
  • Create and share collections
  • Share links
  • Browse, preview, download, and export assets (original or specific renditions)
  • Manage users and roles
  • Manage corporate branding
  • Create and manage image presets 
  • Create and manage metadata schema and search facets
  • Monitor usage reports

Administration and Configuration

Brand Portal administrators can easily configure and tune the system to meet business needs without requiring assistance from IT or developers. As a Brand Portal administrator, you can do the following:

  • Easily manage users, groups, and roles
  • Manage branding to align with customer needs
  • Create and manage image presets 
  • Create and manage metadata schema and search facets
  • Monitor usage reports


The user interface is available in following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean

Certified Platforms

To ascertain what platforms are certified to run with this release of Brand Portal, refer to the Support for Touch-optimized UI column of the table in the section SUPPORTED BROWSERS FOR AUTHORING USER INTERFACE of Technical Requirements.

Product Access and Support (Restricted Sites)

These sites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and require access, contact your Adobe account manager.