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Apps are represented as cq:Pages in AEM.

They share the same common properties found in any cq:Page in addition to others shown below that represent integration supporting properties.

App Properties

The following table shows App Properties and Nodes.

PropertyName Type Description
dps-cloudConfig String:Path

Path to a configured Mobile On-Demand Cloud Service. Used for AEM Mobile to Mobile On-Demand actions (API invocation)

This association is configured via the Manage Connection tile when an author chooses a Mobile On-Demand Cloud Service to associate the app to.

dps-exportTemplate String:Path

Path to the app's export configs. The export config is a folder with 2 child ContentSync export configuration templates;

dps-article: ContentSync export configuration to export article content

dps-HTMLResources: ContentSync export configuration to export app/article shared resources

dps-projectId String

Id/URI of the Mobile On-Demand project this App is linked/bound to.

This association is configured via the Manage Connection tile when an author chooses the project from a list of available projects for the associated Mobile On-Demand Cloud Service.

dps-projectTitle String App title.
dps-resourceType String Content type.
dps-sharedHTMLResources-lastUploaded Date Date of last upload of shared resources from AEM to AEM Mobile.
dps-sharedHTMLResources-lastUploadedBy String:userid Id of the user that performed the last upload of shared resources request from AEM to AEM Mobile.
pge-dashboard-config String:Path Path to a dashboard configuration. The path can be redirected to a custom dashbaord configuration as needed.
sling:resourceType String:Path

Path to a cq:Component that is or extends mobileapps/core/components/instance.

This provides the presence and rendering in the Apps Catalog.

You can use Content Properties to create content. See the following resources for creating and exporting articles and shared resources: