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Running AEM Verify

Get started by installing the AEM quickstart JAR, once you have it up and running download the AEM Verify App from the Apple AppStore or Android PlayStore. 

AEM Verify App

The AEM Verify app is a quick and an easy way to run your AEM mobile applications on any iOS or Android mobile device. The AEM Verify app is a mobile app that can be connected to a server running the quickstart to get a list of apps to view. 



For more information on AEM quickstart JAR, see Getting Software for AEM.

iTunes AEM Verify

Quickly Run Geometrixx Mobile

Follow these steps to qjuickly get Geometrixx Mobile running on your device.

1. Set your referrer filter in your AEM Quickstart JAR to 'allow empty'

2. Open AEM Verify on your mobile device.

3. Enter your AEM Quickstart JAR Author Instance hostname or IP address (http://hostname:port)

4. Log in with your server credentials (default usename/password is admin/admin).

From here you will see the App List, including the Geometrixx Mobile application that is included in the AEM Quickstart JAR. 



You will see both a Staging and Development view within the AEM Verify App List.  If you have never staged an app from within the Mobile Console in the AEM Quickstart JAR then you will not see any apps listed in the Stage view.

5. Select the Geometrixx Mobile app in the App List view.

6. Here you will see Geometrixx Mobile details, including screenshots.

7. To open the app on your device, select 'open'. The app will be downloaded to your device at which point in time you can navigate the app as if it was installed from the AppStore or PlayStore.

Trouble Shooting

Two things can go wrong:

1. You haven't set the referrer filter to 'allow empty' or,

2. Your device cannot 'see' your server.

If the former, see step #1 above.

If the latter, open a browser on your device and verify you can access your AEM Quickstart landing page.  If not, then you need to troubleshoot your connection to your server.