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The locations host the configuration of the displays according to where the various screens are.

This page shows creating and managing locations for Screens.


Creating a New Location

Once you create your project for Screens, follow the steps below to create a new Location for a Screens project:

  1. Select the Adobe Experience Manager link (top left) and then Screens. Alternatively, you can go directly to: http://localhost:4502/screens.html/content/screens.
  2. Navigate to Screens project and click Locations
  3. Click Create next to the plus icon in the action bar. A wizard will open.
  4. Select the template Location from the wizard and click Next.
  5. Enter the properties for Title and TagsMore Titles and DescriptionOn/Off Time, and Vanity URL.
  6. Click Create and the location is created and added to your locations folder.

See the steps below to understand creating a new location for a Screens project. For demonstration purposes, the new location (NewLocation) is created under TestProject.


Once you create a location, you have to create a new display for your location.

The Next Steps

Once you create a location, you have to create a new display for your location. 

See Managing Displays for more details.


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