Memory leaks in IE7, IE8


When you browse CQ (Author) with IE7 or IE8, JavaScript errors appear occasionally. When it occurs, a blank page appears with a JavaScript error icon at the lower-left corner of the IE window. The error is similar to "CQ.EXT is null or not an object" or "Out of memory."


Use newer or other browser versions. With IE8, reloading the page helps to mitigate the issue. For IE7, restart the browser as frequently as required to avoid outages. Increasing the client system RAM memory mitigates the issue partially.

Note on support

Adobe supports CQ/AEM running on the documented platforms. If a bug in a specific platform, or third-party component, impacts the use of CQ, Adobe makes reasonable efforts to provide a workaround. However, Adobe can't support the platform itself (it can't fix any bugs in third-party components).

A Microsoft bug causes this IE7/IE8 memory leak issue, and there is only one possible workaround, as noted above.

As recommended steps to mitigate this issue, ensure that you limit the number of open windows/tabs while working. Also, restart the browser from time to time, if you are involved in intensive authoring in CQ.

An alternative solution is to use a browser from another vendor, or upgrade to the latest version of IE (which has greatly improved Garbage Collection functionality).


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