Acrobat Sign tracking pixel


Adobe Acrobat Sign employs an invisible tracking pixel in the email to recipients to update the sender when the email is opened/viewed and to properly log the viewing as an event in the transaction record.

This pixel is used for the benefit of the sender and signer to affirm the delivery of the agreement email and to evaluate the reliability of the email delivery systems. Adobe does not use the email opening data for tracking recipient behavior, nor does it collect any personally identifiable information.

"Email viewed" events are created in both the activity log of the agreement as well as the audit report.

Email viewed event in the Audit report and activity log


Agreement viewed events are distinct events that are collected when the recipient opens the agreement via the signing URL, or the sender accesses the agreement through the Manage page.

Additionally, users can leverage the "Agreement viewed" event to populate their personal notification report and send an email notification when the event is recorded.

Viewed notification option for users

Option to disable

Enterprise tier accounts can opt to disable the email tracking pixel by contacting the Acrobat Sign support team.

Disabling the tracking pixel changes the "Email viewed" event to trigger when the agreement is opened (instead of when the email is opened). The event/email notification and audit logs otherwise continue to report as they did when the pixel was enabled.


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