Top ten common questions for Social's Customer Care

Top ten common questions for Adobe Social Customer Care

1. Why did my post fail?

Post failures happen for various reasons. You should receive an email with the error message associated with the failure that sheds some light into why your post failed. The most common reason a post fails is because the page or publisher is not authorized. To authorize your page, go to Account > Facebook pages, and then click Reauthorize. To authorize your publisher, go to Account > Facebook permissions, and then click Reauthorize.

2. Why isn’t the publisher allowing me to post?

This issue is usually due to a page failure, or missing required fields. Check to make sure that your page is authorized, and that you have all of the required fields filled out. Here is a link to the Help section on publishing.  

3. Why can’t I see my page in the publisher?

This issue is usually due to permissions or page filters. To check you page filters, go to Engage > Facebook moderation. Click the filter button and deselect any filters you have set, and then click Apply. If you still cannot see the page in the publisher, contact your administrator to confirm that you have the correct publishing permissions.

4. Why is this post missing from moderation?

A post can be missing from moderation for the following reasons: it has already been escalated, deleted, responded to, or it is possible that your page was @ tagged. To see if the post was escalated, deleted, or responded to, download the moderation history export. If the post was @ tagged, the post isn't pulled into moderation. Here is a link to the moderation Help section.

5. Why wasn’t this post auto-removed from moderation?

If a post that contains one of your “auto-remove” watch words and it was not auto-removed as expected, make sure that your page is authorized. Also, check your watch word list to confirm that the exact word or phrase is on that list. The watch word list and the post must match exactly for the post to be auto removed.

6. Why doesn’t my application work on mobile?

Applications need to be published a specific way to work correctly on mobile. Make sure that you have published it according to the instructions on the Help page.

7. Why is my application not working?

Here is a link to all of the application Help information, if you are still having issues with your application after reviewing this information, reach out to Customer Care.

8. Why are my Facebook Insights behind __ days?

This data comes directly from Facebook and is not something that we can control. However, you can check the status of Facebook Insights using this website It gives you an idea of if insights are normal or delayed and what to expect.

9. It says I need to reauthorize my page, how do I do that?

To reauthorize your page, go to Account > Facebook Pages, and then click Reauthorize.

10. I can’t log in! Help!

Unfortunately, this issue is one of the few things that Social's Customer Care cannot help you with. You can either use the Forgot Password link to reset your password yourself, or contact your Analytics or internal admin for assistance.