Use Adobe Stock images, textures, and patterns to create custom animations in Photoshop.

Search for beautiful images that fit your project

Select the Images filter and search for “craft fair” on Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with ‘craft fair’ shown in search field

Add a beautiful background to your design

Place the photo into Photoshop from the Creative Cloud Library panel, and then scale and position it into your layout.

An Adobe Stock image of hand-crafted birds placed into Photoshop from a Creative Cloud library

Search for animated letters

Select the Videos filter and search for “hand drawn letters” in Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with ‘hand drawn letters’ shown in search field

Create masks for the letters with shapes

Create a black shape layer within a group in Photoshop, then duplicate that shape for each letter you need in your title.

A series of black shapes drawn over a craft fair image that will be used to mask a larger image of hand-drawn letters

Import, duplicate and mask the video

Import the video and position the letter C above the first shape layer, then choose Create a Clipping Mask from the Layer menu. Duplicate the video layer, move it above the next shape layer, and repeat the process for each letter that you need. Add all of the video and shape layers into a Layer Group named “Letters.”

A large graphic of hand-drawn letters is positioned and clipped into a smaller black shape to reveal a single letter over top of a photo

Add a blend mode and render it

Set the Blend Mode of the layer group to Screen, then render an MP4 video by choosing Render Video from the File menu.

A Photoshop layer group, containing hand-drawn letters against black shapes, is made transparent with a blend mode of Screen applied

The final result

Now you have a beautiful artistic animation for your social channel that’s sure to grab attention for your brand.

An Instagram post featuring an image from Adobe Stock and a superimposed title graphic of ‘Craft Fair’ added in hand-drawn letters

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.

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