With Adobe Stock and Adobe After Effects, you can combine still images and video to create eye-catching movement for your social posts without expensive and time-consuming productions. Use multiple Stock assets to craft something that’s greater than the sum of its parts!

Find great photos

Search Adobe Stock for the perfect image and add selections to your library so you can compare your favorites online and then easily import them from the Libraries panel in all your Adobe software.

Also locate a sunset time-lapse that will complement your photo.

Don’t worry if the colors don’t match. We’ll use tools in After Effects to match them perfectly later.

Use the Libraries window to import the video into your project.

Adobe Stock displays photos of individuals jogging at sunrise on beaches.

Mask out the sky

Bring your photo into your project via the Libraries panel in After Effects.

Mask out the sky and its reflection with a luminance layer matte for a perfect cut-out that retains the photo’s beautiful texture.

Man jogging on a beach with a bright orange sunrise reflected on the water. A luminance layer matte is added in After Effects

Place your video

Place the video into your composition.

Arrange it on a layer below your master still image, and adjust its placement so that it fits seamlessly behind your luminance layer matte.

Sunrise video is added into the composition in After Effects below the master image.

Color-match everything

Add an adjustment layer to your composition and position it above both video layers.

With your adjustment layer selected, choose Effect > Color Correction > Lumetri Color to add the effect. Use the powerful Lumetri Color controls to match your time-lapse video to your master still image.

Play back your work inside your composition to preview the effect.

It’s that simple to combine multiple stock assets to create something completely unique to your brand!

After Effect Lumetri Color controls are used to change the bright orange sunrise to more muted blue, gray, and orange tones.

Create a loop

Loop the video layer for continuous playback.

The color corrected video of the man jogging on the beach is looped for continuous playback.

Export for social media

Select File > Export > Add to Adobe Media Encoder Cue to send your composition to Encoder.

Under your file name select H.264 for your format, and Facebook 1080p Full HD for your preset. Choose your destination by clicking on the blue file path.

Click the green play arrow in the upper-right corner to start the export cue. When the export is complete, locate the video file in the folder you specified above.

The color corrected video of the man jogging on the beach is exported to Adobe Media Encoder for sharing on Facebook.

The final result

You're now ready to share it on all your social media.

The color corrected video of the man jogging on the beach is ready for sharing on social media.

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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