This article provides information on an issue with Adobe Acrobat not opening or crashing on launch.


Acrobat DC
Windows Operating System


The problem could be related to:

  1. Permission on licensing folders as mentioned in article:
  2. Incorrect entries in the Host file.
  3. Firewall blocks the Acrobat to validate the license.


There is a tool to fix this problem:
Licensing Fix Tool:

Command line option Description
--detectAll Detects(does not fix) all the configurational issues on machine
--fixAll Attempts to restore the recommended configurational settings on machine
--detectAndFix Detects all the configurational issues on machine and fixes them if found
--ForceClean Cleans the licensing information related to all the Adobe products from the machine and restores configurational settings. You will have to activate your Adobe products again. Do not use this option if you do not have licensing information (serial number/adobe id) available with you.
--help Displays help content

Additional information

This is a client-side tool and should run on the individual machine. For server-side purpose, we have PRTK tool.

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