Features that are deprecated, moved, or removed

The following features and functionalities are either are not in active development and might be removed in future releases (“Deprecated”), had a location change ("Moved"), or no more part of the product (“Removed”).

This list is intended to help customers consider these removals and deprecations for their own planning. The list is may not include every deprecated feature or functionality. It is not an exhaustive list.

For more information about a listed feature or functionality and its replacement, see the documentation for that feature. You can also follow the provided links in this table to see additional resources.

Features deprecated, moved, or removed

Feature AEM 6.3 Forms

Document Security Indexer functionality in AEM Forms add-on

Document Security Indexer is now delivered as a separate package. The package is available on AEM Package Share. See, the AEM Forms releases article for latest version of Document Security Indexer package.


Rule editor invoke service for web services  

The Invoke service options is still displayed in Rule Editor. An error is displayed on selecting the option and entering the WSDL URL. Form Data Model is the newest and recommended method to use a web service in an adaptive form.


Permissions to AEM Forms user groups to write rule editor scripts  

A separate persona of a power user is introduced. Users added to the forms-power-users group can create new scripts and edit existing ones. Users in the forms-users group can use the scripts but not create or edit scripts. You have to move the users to forms-power-users group to provide them the permissions to create new scripts and edit existing ones.


Execution order of rules and scripts of a rule editor

During assets migration, you may find warning messages such as “Conflict found for…”.  Such messages indicate that rules for some of the components in adaptive forms could not be migrated. For example, if the component had an event which had both rules and scripts, if rules occur after any script none of the rules for the component are migrated. However, such rules can be migrated by opening the rule editor in adaptive form authoring. For details, see Using the Migration utility


Adaptive Form Configuration Service properties

The following properties of the Adaptive Form Configuration Service has been deprecated:

  • User groups with rule editor access(af.ruleeditor.custom.groups)
  • Default Mode for Rule Editor(af.ruleeditor.defaultmode)
  • WSDL Config Search Paths(af.wsdl.config.search.paths)
  • Prevent Sync of Same Mapped Fields(preventLiveLinkingFields)

You can still configure these properties through Adaptive Form Configuration Service via CRXDE. For details, see Grant rule editor access to select user groups.


Document of Record properties

CRX-repository location of following document of record properties has changed:

  • metaTemplateRef – The property is moved from guideContainer node to guideContainer/view/print node
  • includeUnboundFields - The property is moved from guideContainer node to guideContainer/view/print node
  • excludeFromDoRIfHidden - The property is moved from guideContainer node to guideContainer/view/print node
  • dorType – The property is now available at /content/dam/formsanddocuments/<form asset>/metadata and guideContainer

SWF (small web format) to PDF conversion

AEM Forms PDF Generator does not support SWF to PDF conversion.

WSDL configuration in CRX-Repository
You can use Data Integration to configure web service invocation. The support to allow form authors/developers to save WSDL configuration in CRX-repository by authors is removed.

Forms users access to AEM > Tools > Forms interface

Only users of the fd-administrator group are allowed to access AEM > Tools > Forms interface.


API to create a data dictionary instance

The following APIs are deprecated:


API to create Form Portal Submit Preprocessor




Migration utility

The migration utility converts the Correspondence Management and  Adaptive Forms assets from the format used in the earlier versions to the format used in the current release. A new migration utility is published.

AEM Forms integration with AEM Mobile Deprecated