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Learn what's new in the latest release of Adobe Audition CC.

The October 2018 release of Adobe Audition CC (version 12.0) rolls out exciting new features. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

DeNoise and DeReverb effects

This release introduces two new effects. DeReverb and DeNoise. 

DeReverb: This effect estimates the reverberation profile and helps adjust the reverberation amount. The effect enables you to smooth out recordings with lots of reverb or short echoes, and includes a very simple interface. You can adjust the amount of DeReverb applied, control using processing focus buttons, and also adjust gain automatically or manually.

DeNoise:  This effect offers real-time, zero-latency noise reduction without noise prints or complicated parameters. Use this feature to remove unwanted hiss and hum. You can control the amount of noise reduced and adjust gain. Audition also lets you listen to the removed noise in isolation.

DeNoise effect
DeNoise effect

DeReverb effect
DeReverb effect

For more information about these effects, see:

For a video tutorial, see this video.

Multitrack Clip improvements

This release of Audition brings several improvements to Clip Gain handling. Clip waveforms now scale in realtime when the clip gain is adjusted, making it easier to see quiet waveforms or align clips to events. Clip Gain can be set up to a maximum of +96dB, over the 15dB limit previously.

Mulitrack UI improvements

Clip waveforms are now brighter, with improved contrast and an updated color palette. Selections are bolder with inverted waveforms, and selected clips stand out with white borders.  Track headers are updated with cleaner interfaces. Color picker has been updated to include a standard palette as well as plenty of swatches for custom-color choices.

For a video tutorial, see this video.

Zoom to time

This feature lets you quickly zoom to specific durations, or create your own custom preferred durations. Smart positioning of the viewed region ensures that the focus is on the playhead or the custom region.

Zoom into specific durations
Zoom into specific durations

For more information, see Zoom to time using timer .

Add or delete empty tracks

A new menu item brings up a dialog allowing users to add multiple audio and bus tracks at once, selecting the number of each and the channelization to include.  Another new command can delete all empty audio tracks with one click.

For more information, see Add or delete tracks.

Playback and recording improvements

This release of Audition brings to you enhanced performance when recording or playing tracks in the Multitrack environment. Audition can comfortably playback over 128 audio tracks and record over 32 tracks at low latencies without dropped samples on most standard hardware configurations.

Third-party effect migration

With this release of Audition, automatically import previous libraries of all third-party VST and Audio Unit plugins from a previous version without scanning them again.

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