xAPI in Captivate Prime

What is xAPI?

The Experience API (xAPI), is an e-learning software specification that allows learning content and learning systems to speak to each other in a manner that records and tracks all types of learning experiences. Learning experiences are recorded in a Learning Record Store (LRS). LRSs can exist within traditional learning management systems (LMSs) or on their own.

For more information on xAPI, see:  https://github.com/adlnet/xAPI-Spec.

How does Captivate Prime support xAPI?

Captivate Prime has an inbuilt Learning Record Store. This LRS has the full capability of accepting xAPI statements from content that has been hosted within Captivate Prime. It even accepts xAPI statements that third parties generate. These xAPI statements are stored within Prime and they can then be exported outside Prime to be visualized into any third-party data warehousing system.

When do you use xAPI?

Increasingly there is a need to capture learning experiences of the end user which span across multiple systems.  There is also a need to track the exact engagement of the learner with training content. It goes beyond Start, In Progress and Completion (which are the only attributes captured by SCORM).

Using xAPI in Prime

Set up your application

  1. Log in as Integration Admin. Select Applications > Register.

    App registration
    App registration

  2. Register a new application.

    Create application
    Create application

  3. Define the scope for the application.

    • If Admin role xAPI read and write access is enabled, the Admin is able to post and get xAPI statements and documents.
    • If Learner role xAPI read and write access is enabled, the Admin is able to post and get xAPI statements and documents.
  4. Save changes. You get your developer id and secret.

End points :

Click the link below to view the xAPI swagger document:


Note: xAPI version supported in Prime is 1.0.3.

API authentication

Captivate Prime xAPI use OAuth 2.0 framework to authenticate and authorize your client applications. Once you register your application, you can get the clientId and clientSecret. Get URL is used in browser as it authenticates the Captivate Prime users using their pre-configured accounts such as SSO, Adobe ID. 

GET https://captivateprime.adobe.com/oauth/o/authorize?client_id=<Enter your clientId>&redirect_uri=<Enter a url to redirect to>&state=<Any String data>&scope=<admin:xapi or learner:xapi>&response_type=CODE.

Tracking xAPI statements as Prime LO

As an Author you can now choose xAPI module while creating courses to monitor user experience outside Prime. For example, you can use this feature to evaluate the activities of users on a third-party platform used for course consumption.

  1. While creating an Activity Module, in the Type option, use the pop-up menu to select xAPI-based Module. 

    x-API based module creation
    x-API based module creation

  2. You are requested to provide an IRI. If not provided, prime generates one automatically.


    IRI for an activity is unique across an account. That means, two modules in Captivate Prime cannot have same IRI. A new IRI is generated in the following cases:

    • When a course with xAPI module is shared across accounts.
    • When a certification with xAPI module recurs


    Any xAPI statement with the mentioned IRI is tracked in the above module and are reflected in the Prime reports. 

  3. To copy the auto-generated IRI, revisit the Activity Module page.

  4. Publish the Module.

Points to note:

  • Captivate Prime currently supports only mbox as an identifier. Other identifiers including mboz_sha1, openid , account are not supported.
  • The stateId and profileId is a UUID when used with Prime.
  • PUT request does not overwrite the document for xAPIs agents/profile, activity/profile, and  activity/state
  • Unidentified group is not supported in Actor.
  • The parameter "related_activities" is not supported in  GET statement.
  • The parameters 'format=ids' & 'format=canonical' is not supported in GET statements.
  • Voiding of xAPI statement does not undo any actions that happened in Prime when the statement was posted.

Generate reports

xAPI reports can be generated as excel reports. As an Administrator, open Reports > Excel reports > xAPI activity report.

The downloaded report fetches all the information posted by the Learner and Administrator for any statement.

Same reports can be gernerated / scheduled using FTP and Box connectors for any third- party integration. Follow these steps:

Log in as Integration Admin > Open FTP/Box connector > Select xAPI Activity report from the left pane> Choose to schedule/ generate a report.

Schedule a report
Schedule a report

  • When only raw score is sent in xAPI statement without max score, Quiz score is not shown in LT.
  • To get the percentage score in Prime, scaled scores are sent through xAPI.

Sample report



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