Unable to view calendar


You are unable to view the calendar when editing the expiry date of an external profile.


When an Administrator tries to edit the expiry date of an External Enrollment Profile and clicks the calendar to edit the expiry date, the calendar does not appear.


The issue occurs due to the following:

  • The zoom level of the browser is more than 100%.
  •  The scale and layout in the display settings is more than 100%.



  1. Launch the browser.

  2. Log in to Adobe Captivate Prime.

  3. On the address bar, click the zoom icon.

  4. Click Reset.

  5. Change the expiry date of the enrollment profile.

Display Settings

  1. Click Start > Settings > System.

  2. Click Display.

  3. Under the Scale and layout section, use the drop-down list. Change the settings to 100%.

  4. Restart the computer.

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