Subscription-only build for Adobe Captivate

We have released a subscription-only build (Windows/macOS: 11.8) for Adobe Captivate.

What does it mean

If you are on build Windows: or macOS:, updating to the new build via Help > Check for Updates will NOT work, and your existing build will NOT be updated.


You must have an active subscription of Adobe Captivate to use the build. If you do not have an active subscription, the new update will revert to a trial mode. If you have already used your trial, you will be unable to use the build.

If you create a project with build 11.5.5 (Win/macOS), the project shall open in build 11.8. But a project created with build 11.8 will not open in build 11.5.5 (Win/macOS).

Was there any communication

Yes, we had created a document that contains all the details. This document answers your questions and lists possible impact areas. 

What about existing Captivate builds

There is no impact to existing builds Windows: or macOS: Even if you are not a subscribed user, you can use these builds as usual to create your projects. You can, as mentioned, use the new build as a trial user.

Will Adobe Captivate stop working for customers with perpetual licenses?

No. You can continue to access and use the current version of Adobe Captivate through your current license plan/serial key, but please note that post February 15, we will not support any security patches with the current version of Adobe Captivate.

How do I download this build

Enterprise Customers who have an active VIP or ETLA subscription can get the build from their Admin Console from 12/15/2021 onwards.

Note: Individual subscribers will be getting the builds soon on Trials and Store. We will update this section shortly.

After installing the build, verify that the build numbers are:

  • Windows:
  • macOS:

What changes does the new build contain

The build contains support for Windows 11, macOS Big Sur and Monterey. Also, the build supports M1 chipsets on Mac machines.

Known issues

  • Import a pptx in Captivate, right-click the slide, and select Edit with Microsoft PowerPoint. The Edit window appears blank and cannot update. As a workaround, edit the presentation in PowerPoint. In the Content Library, click the red dot near the file or right and click update to update the presentation. After the file syncs, repeat the process, and you will be able to edit the file.
  • In BigSur, the workspace and project turns black or flickers in black when:
    • You select a a fit of 300, 400, or 600 from the View > Magnification menu. As a workaround, select a fit of 200 or lower, or select the best fit.
    • Click another application that runs on a second monitor. As a workaround, click back on the Captivate workspace and it refreshes to its normal state.
    • You create or open a project. As a workaround, switch between the projects.
  • After you click Help > Access Adobe resources, the window that follows, is blank.
  • When you install this build and attempt to sign in, you see a dialog that mentions that you've reached your activation limit, and you must quit Captivate. Sign out of any session and proceed.


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