Can't transfer app settings between CC and CC 2014 products

Issue: App settings don't transfer between CC and CC 2014 versions

When you try to use an Adobe CC application's settings in the Adobe CC 2014 version, the syncing process completes, however settings aren't imported, or you receive an error about settings being incompatible.

Note: The following CC/CC 2014 products include the ability to upload settings to Creative Cloud: After Effects, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.


Settings from CC products may not be compatible with the CC 2014 release. The behavior varies by product. Most CC products that do support CC 2014 compatibility require that you import the previous version's settings on first launch of the CC 2014 version. Adobe's engineering team is aware that customers' expectations around process were not clear, and is investigating how to improve the experience.

See below for details about your specific CC product.

After Effects

At the bottom of the General pane in the After Effects Preferences dialog box is a Migrate Previous Version Settings button. If you have After Effects CC (12.x) installed on the same computer as the CC 2014 (13.0) version, clicking that button opens a dialog box with an option to migrate settings from that version to the new one. If you choose to migrate settings, restart After Effects for the new settings to load.

The settings that are migrated include preferences, keyboard shortcuts, output module templates, composition settings, render settings, and interpretation rules.

See this blog post for additional details.


Settings from Dreamweaver CC can be migrated on first launch of Dreamweaver CC 2014 using the Import Sync Settings button as described here.

Note: This option is available only on the first launch of the CC 2014 version. It is not made available to you later.

Flash Professional

Flash Pro supports transferring of settings from CC to CC 2014 on first sync only. If you have CC settings you've uploaded to Creative Cloud, then you get a sync conflict when you try to sync for the first time in CC 2014. Choose to Sync Cloud to import the CC settings. The sync settings process is covered here.


Currently Illustrator CC 2014 doesn't natively support importing settings from the prior CC version.

Manually copying the contents of the settings folder between versions has worked for most customers. Settings for Illustrator CC 2014 are in the Adobe Illustrator 18 Settings folder, while settings for Illustrator CC are in the Adobe Illustrator 17 Settings folder.

Settings location information can be found here.


Sync Settings does not synchronize settings across installations of different InDesign major versions. For example, InDesign CC version settings are not synchronized with an installation of the CC 2014 release.  

On first launch of the new CC 2014 version, you are prompted to import settings from the prior version. The process is explained in Sync settings using Adobe Creative Cloud as well as in this video.


New in Photoshop CC (2015), your presets and preferences will be migrated automatically from the prior version that is installed on your local system.

If you are installing Photoshop CC on a separate, new system, you should upload your settings from your existing system and then download them to the separate, new system. Choose Preferences > Sync Settings to synchronize your settings.

If you run into trouble, see Preset migration.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Each major version of Adobe Premiere Pro has its own copy of settings files. For example, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 7.x uses a "7.0" directory to store the settings file, while Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 uses an "8.0" directory.

When you upgrade to the current version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC from a 7.x version, your sync settings are migrated automatically to the new version.

Select Sync Settings or Use Settings From a Different Account from the Welcome screen or the File > Sync Settings menu. All the settings files from the "7.0" directory are automatically copied to the "8.0" directory.

For more information, see the Migrate Sync Settings section of Sync settings using Adobe Creative Cloud.


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