Error 501 while installing Creative Cloud apps on Windows

Learn what to do when you receive Error code 501 when installing Creative Cloud desktop app.

Error details

While installing or updating Creative Cloud apps using the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app, you get Error code 501. The error summary may read as follows:

----------------------------------- Summary -----------------------------------
Failed to install UWP Appx package 
with uwpcode 4 (windows error details code = (-2147009278), 
error = (error 0x80073D02: Unable to install because the following apps 
need to be closed AppleInc.iTunes_12094.104.41048.0_x64__nzyj5cx40ttqa.)



This error occurs because the app package to be installed is trying to access a file that is in use by a different application.


To fix this error, save your work and simply close the application that is reported in the error log.

If you are unable to close the specific application, use the following steps to close it using the Task Manager. 

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.

  2. Navigate to the Processes tab. 

  3. Locate the reported app on the list, and right-click it.

  4. Choose End Task to close this application.

  5. Once application is closed, click Retry to download the Creative Cloud app again.


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