About Dreamweaver API Reference

About Dreamweaver API Reference

The Adobe Dreamweaver API Reference describes the application programming interfaces (APIs). The APIs let you perform various supporting tasks when developing Adobe® Dreamweaver extensions and adding program code to your Dreamweaver web pages. The APIs include the main JavaScript API which provides access to most of the core functionalities of Dreamweaver. Core functionalities of Dreamweaver means generally anything that can be done with a menu, and more. It also includes various utility APIs for performing such common tasks as reading and writing files, transferring information with HTTP, and communicating with Fireworks and Flash.

The extensive JavaScript API lets you perform a diverse set of smaller tasks. A user would perform many of these tasks when creating or editing Dreamweaver documents. These API functions are grouped by the parts of the Dreamweaver user interface that they affect. For example, the JavaScript API includes Workspace functions, Document functions, Design functions, and so on. The API functions let you perform some of the following tasks and much more in addition to these tasks:

  • Opening a new document
  • Getting or setting a font size
  • Finding the occurrence of a search string in HTML code
  • Making a toolbar visible


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