Keyboard shortcut isn't working | Dreamweaver 2014

When you try to split a table cell using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S, no action is performed.

Sometimes a new CSS Selector row is added when this shortcut is used.


Manually change the keyboard shortcut for splitting table cells:

  1. Go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.
  2. Click Menu Commands from the Commands list, click Table from the list of options that appears, and then click Split Cell.
  3. In the Press Key field, type the combination of the keyboard characters you want to use as a shortcut, and then click Change.

Additional information

This issue occurs as a single keyboard shortcut is assigned to two different workflows. In Dreamweaver 2014, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S is by default assigned to the creation of a new selector in CSS Designer. The same keyboard shortcut was assigned to the splitting of table cells prior to Dreamweaver 2014. 

So, when you use Ctrl+Alt+S in Dreamweaver 2014:

  • A new row is added for a CSS Selector if CSS Designer is open.
  • No action is performed if CSS Designer is not visible.


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