Email configuration in Elements Organizer

Gmail account validation

With Google Gmail, when you set up your Elements Organizer email feature, account validation fails or is unsuccessful. This failure can occur even if the user name and password combination you are providing in Elements Organizer is the same that you use to sign into your Gmail account. You could also receive a warning email message from Google regarding unauthorized access.


Turn on the two-step verification and generate an app-specific password. You can then use the app-specific password can then be used to sign in to your Gmail account from within Elements. Details on how to generate app-specific passwords are at

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To understand why this error occurred, see

Error message: Connection Interrupted

Attachment size

The Connection Interrupted error generally occurs when you try to attach media from Elements Organizer that exceeds the attachment size that your email service provider imposes.  


Reduce the size of the attached file to ensure that it is within the limits that your email service provider sets.

AOL or Microsoft accounts

When you try to send an email or PDF slideshow from Elements Organizer using an AOL or Microsoft account, this error occurs.  


  1. Use a browser to log in to your email account.
  2. Follow any security validation procedures (for example, Captcha validation) that your email service provider requests.
  3. Send a test email to yourself to ensure that you are able to send and receive email.

More information

Some email service providers monitor the number of emails that originate from third-party applications. When the number of emails exceeds the number sent from regular email clients or browsers, the service provider imposes, as a security precaution, a temporary restriction to check for unauthorized access or activity.

Invalid credentials or network not connected error

When validation fails for a particular email profile, this error occurs. For example, validation fails when you choose AOL as the service provider, but credentials provided belong to another service provider, say, Gmail.


Ensure that the:

  • Credentials provided in your email preferences and email profile match.
  • User ID and password are correct and valid.

Firewall or network security settings (ports 465 and 587)

Validation and network access errors can occur when you use a network that does not allow connections on ports 465 and 587.


Configure your network, firewall, or network security software to allow network traffic on ports 465 and 587.

Generic error: Something went wrong

This generic error is displayed when your network connection is interrupted while sending mail.


Revalidate your email profile in the Elements Organizer Preferences dialog (press Ctrl/Cmd+K and then Email tab).


Mail not received

Email service providers may be marking mail as Spam and delivering them to your Spam or Junk folders. Ensure that mark such mail to not be marked as spam and delivered to your Inbox. Google addresses the reason for missing mail in an article: Legitimate mail is marked as spam.

Unavailable: Adobe email service and Windows Mail (desktop client)

Both services are removed. However, you can connect to your email service providers directly by setting up an Email profile.


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