To access Managed Services a user should be added to the appropriate Product Profile on the organization's Admin Console.

To begin using managed services, your device or computer needs to be on your organization’s network and behind the firewall. For example, a wired or wireless connection to the network in the office. If you are not on your organization’s network, you may need to connect to it via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client. Your organization will set up and provide details for you to use the VPN, if applicable.

Once connected to your organization's network, you can sync and store your work to the managed services locations you have been given access to.


Ensure you are within your organization’s network

To use the managed services sync locations that you have been granted access to, ensure that you are on your organization's network.

If your managed services sync locations are not listed, ensure that you have an active Internet connection and that you are connected to your organization's network. Connecting to your organization's network may require a VPN connection.

Ensure you have the correct entitlements

Check with the System Administrator of your Admin Console to ensure that you have been added to a Product Profile granting entitlement to Managed Services.

Admin Console Help

Known Issues

Syncing Issues

If you experience issues when syncing cloud data, ensure you are running the latest version of the Creative Cloud Desktop Application.

For further information, see our document on downloading and installing Creative Cloud applications.

Accessing Assets

Issue: Selected collaborator folder gets deselected when Collaborator switches view to/from Column View.

Issue: In Library, all selected items get deselected when view is switched to/from Column View

Issue: Moving between Card view and List view while one item is selected causes all items to become selected

Issue: "Column view" option missing on Archive and User Homes page under "View Change" icon.

Working with Adobe Stock

Issue: Editor/Viewer cannot preview images on Adobe Stock website saved in collaborated Libraries (of Private cloud) via Stock website/library panel. Image previews can be viewed correctly by the collaborator in the CC library or the CCE Managed Services Web UI.

Working with Color

Issue: Collaborators not seeing updated color themes in Adobe Color web UI when color theme deleted. This issue occurs with the Chrome and Safari browsers only.

Solution: Use an alternative web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.


Issue: On the Share page of a library or folder, if clicking the 'Enter' button before choosing a user from the drop-down list, the button does not function correctly. The button may give error 'invalid email ID' or fail to add the selected user as a collaborator.

Solution: Choose a user before clicking the 'Enter' button.

Contact Enterprise Support

Contact our support teams with details of the issue you are experiencing. Please let us know details of your organization and the exact nature of the error including screenshots where possible.

You can contact Enterprise Support via the Support tab of the Admin Console.

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