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In Adobe Experience Manager, components are the structural elements that constitute the content of the pages being authored. This section covers the core components, which provide essential content types to create pages.


Core components are not immediately available to authors, the development team must first integrate them to your environment. Once integrated, they may be made available and pre-configured via the template editor or in design mode.

Authoring with Core Components

Authoring with the core components does not differ substantially from the foundation components.

However, as an author, you will notice several advantages of the core components, including:

  • Simple to use and well-integrated to the page editor
  • Feature-rich capabilities to accomodate many use cases as illustrated in We.Retail
  • Pre-configurable to define which features are available to page authors
  • Built around accessibility guidelines
  • Built to support responsive layout

Compatibility and Documentation

The core components have been introduced with AEM 6.3 and offer flexible and feature-rich authoring functionality. The We.Retail reference site illustrates how the core components can be used.

The following table lists which versions of the core components are compatible with AEM 6.3. Follow the link in the table for more information about that version of the core components.

Core Components Version Compatible with AEM 6.3
Version 1 Compatible


Core components require AEM 6.3 and do not work with the Classic UI.