Explore the differences between Illustrator on the iPad and desktop and explore new features.

What you learned: Tour the reimagined Illustrator workspace on the iPad. Learn the differences between desktop Illustrator and iPad and see what is new for Illustrator users

Workspace differences on iPad

  • Documents created on your iPad are saved to Adobe’s cloud. That makes them accessible on iPad and desktop without saving or exporting.
  • The toolbar, Layers panel, and Properties panel are similar to what you find on desktop. 
  • The new Taskbar contains commonly used features like Shape builder, alignment, pathfinders, text features like create outlines, and new features like repeats.  

Drawing and editing

  • The Pencil tool has been reimagined for iPad. Smoothing controls, pause while drawing to create a corner, and touch shortcuts for creating straight lines.
  • The Pen tool works like the Pen tool in Illustrator on your desktop. Tap to make points, and then tap and drag for further adjustments.
  • Unique to iPad, primary and secondary touch shortcuts add extra functionality to all kinds of tools.
  • Select an object with the Selection or Direct selection tools to change its opacity or duplicate, delete, or arrange it in the Common actions bar that appears beneath the artwork.

New and updated features 

  • Save yourself some work with repeats and patterns: radial repeat, grid repeat, and mirror repeat.
  • Pathfinders on the iPad are nondestructive, which means you can edit individual shapes even after combining them.

Bring in artwork from somewhere else

  • Take a photo with your device or bring in another asset from Creative Cloud. You can also bring in Photoshop files.

Share your work

  • Export your work in different formats, like JPEG, PNG, and PSD, to share with others.
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