Use Photoshop with Lightroom to hide people and objects.

What you'll need

This sample file contains assets provided by Adobe Stock for your tutorial practice purposes only. Check out the ReadMe file in the folder for the terms of use for this file. Adobe Stock has millions of royalty-free images and videos for your commercial use. You can get 10 images with a free month trial.

What you learned: How to use Photoshop with Lightroom to hide people and objects in a photo

When to use Lightroom and when to use Photoshop to remove content

  • Use Lightroom’s Healing Brush to quickly remove spots or small objects.
  • Take advantage of Photoshop’s variety of powerful retouching tools to remove larger objects, or when you’re doing high-end commercial retouching. 


How to use Photoshop with Lightroom when removing large objects or people

  • Use Lightroom to locate a photo and apply essential photo edits.
  • Try removing any spots or small areas of unwanted content with Lightroom’s Healing Brush
  • If that’s not sufficient, pass the photo from Lightroom to Photoshop using Lightroom’s Edit in Photoshop command. When you use this command, the photo opens as a TIF file in Photoshop.
  • Apply one or more content removal features in Photoshop, like Content-Aware Fill, the Spot Healing Brush tool, the Healing Brush tool, the Patch tool and/or the Clone Stamp tool.
  • Choose File > Save in Photoshop. This adds “–Edit” to the file name.
  • Close the image in Photoshop.
  • Quit Photoshop.
  • View, manage, and/or edit the resulting files in Lightroom.

What you end up with in Lightroom

  • In Lightroom there’s now a Stack that contains at least two photos.
  • One is the original photo with any edits you applied in Lightroom. You can leave it as-is, apply more edits on top of the initial Lightroom edits, or reset the Lightroom edits to access the original photo.
  • The other is a TIF copy of the photo with any edits you applied in Lightroom, plus the content removal and any other edits you applied in Photoshop. Your initial Lightroom edits are baked into this copy and can’t be changed or removed, but you can add more Lightroom edits on top of this image.
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