Frequently Asked Questions | Remixes and Recommended Presets

Introduced in Lightroom desktop 5.0 (October 2021 Release)

What is a Remix?

Members of the in-app Lightroom community can designate their edited photos as Remixables. Remixables enable anyone within the community to further edit your shared photos and create Remixes. Remixes foster a collaborative community where the only limitation is one’s imagination.


How do I submit a Remixable?

Within your library, select the edited photo you'd like to submit to Discover and navigate to Share. Within the Share menu, select Share to Discover. Fill out the details of your Remixable, select the Allow Remix toggle option, and click Share.


Can I turn off Remix after I've shared an edited photo to Discover?

Yes. Navigate to the desired edit within your Discover user profile, click the three-dot icon, and select Update Info. You can deselect Allow Remix here and click Update. Note that this will not remove previously created Remixes, but will only prevent the creation of new Remixes.


Can I delete my Remixable after I've shared it to Discover?

Yes. Navigate to the desired edit within your Discover user profile, click the three-dot icon, and select Remove. This option will remove your edit from Discover and all associated Remixes.


Who can view my submissions?

Unless you’ve blocked a specific user, anyone within the Lightroom community can view your submissions. Notably, your submissions can be viewed outside of the community via a public URL too.


Can I block others from Remixing my edit?

Yes. Navigate to the author profile you would like to block, click the three-dot icon, and then select Block.


Can I remove specific Remixes of my work that I did not author?

Only the author of a Remix can directly remove that specific Remix. However, you, as the original author of the Remixable can either:

  • Remove the original edit, which will remove all Remixes.
  • Block the Remix author, which will remove the author's Remix and all interactions between you and the author.


Why can't I Remix all edited photos in Discover?

An edited photo is only Remixable if the original author has enabled Allow Remix when sharing it.

Recommended Presets
Introduced in Lightroom desktop 5.0 and mobile 7.0 (October 2021 Release)

What are Recommended Presets?

The Discover section in Lightroom contains thousands of freely downloadable edit presets that you can use with your own photos. But finding just the right one can be a challenge. The Recommended Presets feature uses artificial intelligence to search through the thousands of presets that are available in the Discover section to find a selection that will work well with your particular photo.


How does it work?

Lightroom analyzes the colors, exposure, and content of your photo and then finds other, similar photos in the Discover section, and suggests edits from those photos, with the idea that if certain edit settings worked well for a similar photo, then they might work well for your photo too.


Do I have to pay for these presets?

The presets themselves, which come from the Discover section, are freely available to everyone, including customers who are using the free version of the Lightroom app on mobile. But the Recommended Presets feature, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically search through the thousands of free presets to find just the right ones for your particular photo, is only available for paying Lightroom subscribers on both desktop and mobile (iOS and Android).


What if I don’t want my photos and edits used for this feature?

When you share a photo to the Lightroom Discover section, deselect Enable 'Save as Preset' under the Permissions options. Then, your photo and your edits will not be used for the Recommended Presets feature.


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