Photoshop to end support for PostScript Type 1 fonts

Adobe Photoshop will cease support of PostScript Type 1 fonts in 2021. At that time, PostScript Type 1 fonts will no longer be listed in Photoshop's Font menu.

This legacy format, created by Adobe in the mid-1980s during the early days of desktop publishing, is already unsupported in major software applications, open-source libraries, and mobile platforms. The time has now come to sunset support in Photoshop, allowing us to better focus on innovative new typographic efforts as we look to the future. 

It’s our goal to provide users with enough advance notice to make any required changes to affected documents. The successor to Type 1, OpenType was released in 2000 and offers significant typographic advantages. Adobe offers thousands of OpenType fonts through its Adobe Fonts service, which is included with a Creative Cloud membership.

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