Type 1 Font support | End of Life

Photoshop 23.0 (MAX 2021) release and later no longer support PostScript Type 1 fonts

In Photoshop 23.0 we have updated, modernized, and unified our text engine with the Harfbuzz script shaper to support all scripts. 

Type 1 fonts (also known as PostScript, PS1, T1, Adobe Type 1, Multiple Master, or MM) are a format within the font industry, replaced by the larger glyph sets. Type 1 fonts are not supported in most browsers and operating systems, and Adobe is moving forward with support and more robust technical possibilities of OpenType format fonts. 

Photoshop 23.0 and later will not recognize the presence of Type 1 fonts, even if you have them installed in your desktop operating system. You will observe:

  1. Type 1 fonts will not appear in the Photoshop Fonts menu.
  2. Previously installed Type 1 fonts no longer work in Photoshop.
  3. On opening Photoshop files with existing Type 1 fonts, the following message appears - Existing Type1 fonts will appear as “Missing fonts” in the document.

If the font you need is not already available to you in the Adobe Fonts library, supported Adobe-owned fonts are available from our partner fontspring. Please contact them directly for more information.  

Customers who’ve purchased Type 1 fonts not owned by Adobe should contact the font foundry that published the font(s) to learn whether an upgrade path to the OpenType format is available.


Converting Type 1 fonts to the OpenType format is possible but may produce a sub-optimal result. Additionally, converting your files may be prohibited by the font foundry’s End User License Agreement. Please consult the license agreement or contact the foundry directly for more information.

For more information, visit the Adobe community page here.


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