Select an object or a region

The Object Selection tool is useful for automatically selecting objects or regions such as people, cars, pets, sky, water, buildings, plants, and mountains in an image. 

Improved Object Selection Tool in Photoshop

  1. Select the Object Selection tool (W)  from the toolbar in the workspace.

  2. In the Options bar, at the upper-right corner of the workspace, ensure that the Object Finder is enabled. 

  3. Hover the mouse pointer over an object or region in your image you would like to select. Selectable objects and regions will be highlighted with an overlay color.

    To customize the hover overlay, select the gear icon in the Options bar and modify desired settings.

  4. Click to automatically select the object or region.

  5. Additionally, you can press the Shift (macOS)/Ctrl (Windows) key on your keyboard to add other objects or regions to your selection and Option (macOS)/Alt (Windows) to subtract objects or regions from your selections.


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