Why do I see boxes when typing in my language?

Resolution for an issue when boxes appear when typing text in titles.

What is the issue?

When inserting text within titles using my language of choice, boxes appear.

Boxes appearing when typing in Korean characters
Boxes appearing when typing in Korean characters

Why is this happening?

The “boxes” are a result of the default font style within the titles not supporting the characters of the inputted language.  In the above example image, the font style Arial was listed as the default. However, the Arial font style does not support the inserted characters.

How can I fix this issue?

Once you’ve selected a title and come across the “boxes” when typing in your language of choice, it is recommended that you switch to a font style that supports that language.

  1.  Tap on the title on your mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

  2. Select the layer option in the Title panel and ensure that the layer containing text is already selected. Alternatively, you can select the desired text from directly from the preview window. With either option, ensure that all your desired text is highlighted in blue.

    Selecting the entire text layer
    Selecting the entire text layer

  3. Select the font within the Title panel and scroll to a font that supports your language characters.

    Selecting the font option
    Selecting the font option

    Changing the font to one that supports your language
    Changing the font to one that supports your language

Which fonts support my language characters?

Here is a list of fonts that most commonly support multiple languages for iOS and Android Rush users.  Your supported fonts may vary based on the device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 (with latest update)

  • Noto Sans CJK
  • SamsungKorean-v2.0

iPhone X (with latest update)

  • Apple SD Gothic
  • Apple Gothic

When will more supporting fonts be available?

We are always expanding our font catalog. Stay tuned for future font releases supporting more languages.


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