AEM Forms server does not embed fonts to a Dynamic PDF form


When the font related information is embeded in a <value> tag, AEM Forms server fails to embed italic, bold, and other styles of fonts to a Dynamic PDF Form.


If the form does not use the <font> tag to specify font style in the form, the server does not embed such a font style to the form.  


The issue has multiple solutions. You can use a combination of these solutions to resolve the issue: 

  • Use the font typeface style at least once in the Dynamic PDF form. For example, to embed both strong (Bold) and italic styles of a font to a dynamic PDF form, use both the font types at least once in the form. AEM Forms server embeds only font styles used a Dynamic PDF form to it.
  • Install the font typeface with the required styles on the client machine. It provides the client with access to font styles. The client (Adobe Acrobat) uses font styles available on the client machine while assembling the Dynamic PDF form.
  • Use a Static PDF form instead of a Dynamic PDF form. Static PDFs are rendered on the AEM Forms server. The server embeds all the required forms while rendering the Static PDF form. A Static PDF has no dependency on the client machine for fonts.
  • Add a hidden field in the form template with the required font typeface. For example, <font typeface="Adobe Clean Semibold" posture="italic"/>
  • Set the renderPolicy flag to render the PDF document on the server. You can set the value of the flag in the XCI configuration file.