Error with Livestream API authentication,Livestream error


Application is no longer successfully connecting with their Livestream endpoint which has been working for certain number of time. There have been no changes to the application or Livestream configuration but the the access token is no longer getting generated.  Instead if they get either of thefollowing response:

  • {"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"the organization associated with this client is invalid"}
  • {"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"the user associated with this client is invalid"}

Note: The above is the response returned to generate the access token rather than connecting to the Livestream endpoint.  For example, this is the command being used:
curl -i -v "" -u  "[client application id]:[client secret]" -d "grant_type=client_credentials"


Due to any of the following:
1) Adobe ID/IMS user, who created the application id use to connect to Livestream, is no longer valid.
2) Change in Adobe ID/IMS user unlinked it with Analytics company or backend IMS system

  • Verify via Admin Console that Adobe ID has the correct Adobe Analytics access
  • Confirm via Dr Teeth that Adobe ID's IMS ID, ie "[random hash number]@AdobeID", matches with the one configured for access to the Livestream endpoint

3) Adobe ID migrated to a Federated ID, see jira bug AN-150821 for more information.


Create a valid new Adobe ID with the proper permission and access. This user will have to create a new application to use to renew connection to Livestream API.