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Schedule Reports


Reports & Analytics schedule manager show the report suite, which matches the time zone of on which schedule has been created.

For Eg:

User has access for two report suites:
• Report Suite ‘A’ with timezone as Unites State (Mountain Standard time)
• Report Suite ‘B’ with timezone as Unites State (Pacific Standard time)

User has created the report builder request for Report Suite ‘A’. While scheduling user select’s time zone as United State (Pacific standard time) for the request to get deliver.
In the schedule manager of Report and Analytics UI, it shows the report suite as ‘B’.

NOTE: - If there are multiple report suites with the same time zone. Then, it takes the report suite that is first in the order of report suite manager.
If report suite has not been created for the timezone on which user want's to create a schedule. Then user cannot see the timezone in report builder schedule.