Unable to preview video files in the Preview panel

Preview panel doesn't display preview

The Preview panel in Bridge CC 2015 and Bridge CC 2017 doesn't display a preview/playback for some video file formats, with Adobe After Effects CC 2017 or Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 installed on the machine.

The preview of the following file formats is not generated:

  • Windows: 3gpp, 3gp, mod, vob, 264, avc, m1v, m2p, m2t, m2ts, m2v, mpe, mpg/mpeg, mpv, and mts
  • macOS: ffx, 3gpp, mod, vob, 264, avc, m2p, m2t, m2ts, m2v, mpe, mpg/mpeg, mpv, and mts

Versions affected

Adobe Bridge CC 2015, Adobe Bridge CC 2017
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, Adobe After Effects CC 2017

Operating systems

Windows and macOS


 We strongly recommend to install the latest versions of Adobe Bridge and other Creative Cloud apps.

As a workaround, you can also resolve this issue by installing an earlier version of After Effects or Premiere Pro — After Effects CC (2015) 13.5 or Premiere Pro CC (2015) 9.0 — alongside the current version of your video app.

  1. Launch the Creative Cloud for desktop app to install Premiere Pro CC (2015) 9.0 or After Effects CC (2015) 13.5.


    By default, when you install any Creative Cloud app it removes the previous versions of the app on your computer. If you want to keep your previous versions installed, click Advanced Options and deselect the Remove Old Versions check box in the update confirmation dialog box.

    Previous product versions do not overwrite existing versions. You can have two versions of the same app running simultaneously on your computer

  2. Restart Adobe Bridge and reset the preferences on startup. For details, see Restore preferences.  


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