Server behaviors, databases, and bindings in Dreamweaver

This document addresses queries around server behaviors, the Bindings panel, and databases in Dreamweaver released on June 18 2013.

In Dreamweaver, server behaviors are available as an extension, Deprecated_ServerBehaviorsPanel_Support.zxp. After you install the extension, the server behaviors feature is enabled and extensions dependent on it work as they did previously.

In the release, based on your OS, you can find the extension at these locations:

  •  Vista/Windows 7: C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CC/Configuration/DisabledFeatures
  •  Mac OS X: /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CC/Configuration/DisabledFeatures

MXP type extensions are not supported in Extension Manager. The MXP format has been replaced with the ZXP extension format.

You can convert an MXP extension to a ZXP extension by using the Convert MXP Extension To ZXP tool, located in the Tools menu in Extension Manager for CS6.

Restore server behaviors, databases, and bindings in Dreamweaver

Silas Norbu Lepcha


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