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Effective with the Dw 21.4 release, the Sync Settings feature will be disabled. You can continue to perform export and import functionality offline. Learn more here.

While using Dreamweaver, you can keep the settings synchronized between your computers by configuring the Sync Settings (Preferences > Sync Settings). Some of the settings can be synchronized between the computers irrespective of the operating system they are running on (for example, Windows to Mac OS). And, some of them can be synchronized only between similar operating systems (Windows to Windows, or Mac OS to Mac OS).

This document lists the platform-dependent and platform-independent sync settings. For more information on synchronizing dreamweaver settings between two computers, see synchronizing Dreamweaver settings with Creative Cloud.

Platform-dependent settings

File Compare

Choose application to compare files. 


Most of the other settings in Preferences are synchronized independent of the operating system. See platform-independent settings tab for details.

All site settings (except user name and password) are synchronized between computers running on the same operating system. User name and password cannot be synchronized.

The path and name of the local site folder is synchronized if a folder with the same name exists in the same path.

If a site does not exist on a machine, Dreamweaver creates a site folder in the default location. All the paths are relative to this folder. You can change this path at any point in time. For all subsequent synchronizations, only the changes in the site folder are synchronized. 

Changes to keyboard shortcuts are synchronized between two computers running on the same operating system.

Changes in Workspace are synchronized between two computers running on the same operating system. 

Workspaces are saved when you quit Dreamweaver and are then synchronized with the cloud. If you want to synchronize Workspace changes without exiting Dreamweaver (in the current session), click Save Current in the Workspace menu. Then, manually synchronize the settings (Preferences > Sync Settings).

Platform-independent settings

The following Preferences settings are platform-independent. You can synchronize these settings from a computer running on Windows to a computer running on Mac, and the other way around.

Option Settings
  • Show Welcome screen
  • Reopen documents on startup
  • Warn when opening read-only files
  • Show dialog when inserting objects
  • Enable double byte inline input
  • Switch to plain paragraph after heading
  • Allow multiple consecutive spaces
  • Use <strong> and <em> in place of <b> and <i>
  • Maximum number of history steps
  • Spelling dictionary
Code Coloring
  • Default Background
  • Live code background
  • Read only background
  • Hidden characters
  • Live code changes
  • Enable tag highlighting
  • Highlight color
  • Tag text color
  • Attribute text color
Code format
  • Indent with tabs/spaces
  • Tab size
  • Insert as spaces
  • Line break type
  • Default tag case
  • Default attribute case
  • Override case of tags/attributes
  • Do not include a break inside the td tag
  • CSS source format options
Code hints
  • When to close tags
  • Enable code hints
  • Enable description tags
  • All Code hints
Code rewriting
  • Fix invalidly nested and unclosed tags
  • Rename form items when pasting
  • Remove extra closing tags
  • Warn when fixing or removing tags
  • Never rewrite code with some filename extensions
  • Encode special characters in attributes using &
  • Different URL encoding types
Copy paste
  • Edit>Paste from other applications into design view pastes.
  • Retain line breaks.
  • Clean up word paragraph spacing.
  • Convert smart quotes to straight quotes.
CSS styles
  • When creating CSS rules: Use short hand notation for fonts, background, margin and padding, border and border width, List style, transition
  • When editing CSS rules: Use short hand if original used shorthand
  • Open CSS files when modified
  • CSS Prefixes
  • Mouse-over
  • Editable regions
  • Nested editable
  • Locked regions
  • Library items
  • Third-party tags
  • Untranslated/translated live data
Invisible elements
  • Named anchors
  • Scripts
  • Comments
  • Line breaks
  • Client-side image maps
  • Embedded styles
  • Hidden form fields
  • Form delimiter
  • Anchor points for AP elements
  • Anchor points for aligned elements
  • Visual server-side markup tags
  • Nonvisual server-side markup tags
  • CSS display: none
  • Show dynamic text as
  • Server side includes
New document
  • Default document
  • Default extension
  • Default encoding type
  • Show new document dialog on CTRL-N / CMD-N
Preview in Browser Preview using temporary file
  • Show Dependent files or not
  • Disconnect FTP connection after how many secs
  • FTP time-out
  • FTP transfer options: Select default action in dialogs after some time
  • Proxy host
  • Proxy port
  • Save files before putting
  • Prompt before moving files on server
W3C validator
  • Display warnings and errors
  • Show/don’t show w3c validator notification dialog
Window sizes Different window sizes 

Changes in File Compare (Choose application to compare files) settings are synchronized only between computers running on the same operating system. 

If you are unable to use sync settings in Dreamweaver prior to 2015.0 version, upgrade Dreamweaver to the latest version. 


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