Update SSO certificate

If you have set up SSO for your identity provider (IdP) with the Adobe Admin Console and your end users can't log in to their Adobe apps and services, the SAML-certificate may have expired.


You are facing any of the following issues:

  • Users are logged out and can't sign in to the Adobe Creative Cloud web, mobile, or desktop apps
  • Users see errors when try to sign in
  • Admin can't add/remove/manage users or product profiles
  • You want to renew your SAML certificate which is about to expire

Error message

On sign-in attempt, end users see error messages similar to the following:
  • SAML certification validation failed
  • The digital signature in the SAML response did not validate with the identity provider's certificate


You can directly update the federation setup via the admin console if your certificates have expired or are about to expire. The SAML certificates update along with the SAML setup.

Sign in to the Adobe Admin Console and follow the procedure to migrate to a new authentication provider.


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