Managing your reseller team members

Learn how to view, add, and remove members of your reseller team using the Reseller Console.

How to view your reseller team members

As an admin, you can view, add, and remove members of your reseller team. To view the details of your organization's team, sign in to the Reseller Console dashboard and click the Reseller Team icon. 

You can also view the status of the individual team members on this page.

Active member status

These members have accepted the invitation to join and can now manage customers.

Pending member status

These members haven't accepted the invitation to join the reseller team.

How to add and remove team members

To add a new member to the reseller team, send them an email invitation. On acceptance, they become members of the reseller team and gain access to the Adobe Reseller Console.

  1. To add a reseller team member, click the Add Reseller    icon at the top-right corner of the Reseller Team page.

  2. In the Add Team Members window that appears, enter the email addresses of the team members you wish to add.

  3. Click Send Invitation.

    Send Invitation

To remove a reseller team member, follow the instructions:

  1. In the Reseller Team page, click the Remove  icon that appears next to the team member you wish to remove.

  2. In the window that appears, click Remove to confirm your choice.

    Remove Team Member

To change the reseller team member who manages the VIP organization, navigate to the Customers page on the Reseller Console and follow the given instructions.


Only the primary admin of the reseller organization can change the Managed by Contact.

  1. Select the customer for whom you want to change the details. A dialog box opens. 

  2. Click the name of the customer's organization to view complete customer details.

  3. Under the Customer Details section, choose the [Change] tab located next to the Managed by option.

    Managed by Option

  4. In the next window, search for the email address of the team member who you want should manage the selected organization. When you find the correct email address, choose Select.

    This will change the details in the Managed by section.

    Select Team Member

Learn more about accessing Reseller Console

See the following pages to learn all about the Reseller Console.


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