Internationalization translation is not picking up updates from AEM dictionary


Internationalization dictionary updates do not appear in AEM.  For example, /libs/cq/i18n/ 

To reproduce the issue, follow the steps:

  1. Log to http://host:port/libs/cq/i18n/translator.html
  2. Make some changes in dictionaries, for example, change FR value for Create to Créerrrrr
  3. Change user's language preferences to Francais
  4. In http://host:port/projects.html/content/projects, the create button label has not been changed.


AEM 6.2, AEM 6.3


There is a known issue on bundle 2.5.6, where internationalization translations are not updated unless bundle is restarted: SLING-7190.

This issue is fixed in version 2.5.10.


A solution is included in 6.2SP1CFP10 and 6.3SP2CFP2.

Workaround for AEM6.2 and AEM6.3

  1. Go to http://host:port/system/console/bundles/

  2.  Restart the bundle or run this curl command:

    curl -u admin:admin http://host:port/system/console/bundles/ -Faction=update

Solution for AEM6.2:

  1. Go to http://host:port/crx/packmgr/index.jsp and log in as admin.

  2. Install the attached package

  3. The package contains a config /libs/system/config/

    curl -u admin:admin http://host:port/system/console/bundles/ -Faction=update
  4. If any custom internationalization dictionaries exist under a different path than /apps, /libs, or /content, then use CRXDe to update the resource.paths property in /libs/system/config/ with the additional paths.



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